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As you know, a Kidney transplant operation is essential to put a healthy kidney within the body of a patient who’s suffering from end stage renal disease. This operation is done on a person whose kidneys have failed. Unfortunately, kidney transplant rejection happens sometimes due to any one of numerous reasons that leads to a failure. Consequently, if the antigens in the kidney donor do not match the antigens of the recipient donor, the body’s immune system recognizes the kidney as a foreign substance and sends out antibodies to attack the invading kidney.

There’s no single Person that has antigens which are precisely the same as another individual’s antigen anticipate for identical twins. Antigens from people that are not identical twins can only carefully fit, but not be the same. Thus the body will send antibodies to attack the antigens in the tissue of the transplanted kidney if it is not from an identical twin. To counter the Immune’s system defense mechanisms against the antigens from the transplanted kidney, bashir dawood doctor use drugs that are responsible for suppressing the immune system. They also try to make certain that a transplant is done between individuals whose antigens fit as closely as you can. They use a test called HLA typing to attempt and guarantee a snug antigen match. Otherwise, if the antigens are extremely different, the medication job of suppressing the individual’s immune system would not be adequate enough to prevent the kidney transplant rejection.


What are the symptoms of kidney transplant rejection?

  • The kidney’s normal functions Begin to fail
  • Diminishing urine output
  • A feeling of discomfort, illness and uneasiness
  • Flu like symptoms, cough, and body aches nausea and shortness of breath.
  • Pain in the Region of the organ
  • Swelling in the Region of the organ
  • Fever

Although, having any Of these symptoms following surgery might not be attributed to kidney rejection. If you are having any of these symptoms after surgery, it is very important that you see your doctor as soon as possible to be able to rule out kidney transplant rejection.


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