Know your options for a meniscus tear

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Are you currently suffering from pain and knee? Do you find it difficult do you feel as if it could give way or to move your knees. You may be experiencing a knee problem called meniscus tear. Although this problem is much more common to athletes and sportsperson, in particular those that are into playing with sports, anyone can suffer with meniscus tear because it also comes with age. You can use the best meniscus tears treatment in singapore to treat this with ease.

What causes the Tear?

A meniscus tear occurs when you make a wrong twist or turn that may accidentally occur when you lift something which is heavy. Playing contact sports like foot ball, boxing, basketball, or baseball raises the danger of the tear. Another risk factor is age that is old. As one you grow old with age, your meniscus worn out and can become easily torn.

How Will You Know You Have a Torn Meniscus?

You will know that you have a torn meniscus when you experience the following symptoms

  • swelling and swelling of the knee joint from moderate to severe and may last until two to three weeks;
  • You can barely move your knee
  • You hear clicks or pops when you move your knee
  • Your knee joint is tender when pressed

It is important you get an accurate diagnosis from your doctor when you experience the symptoms mentioned previously. Generally, your doctor will recommend laboratory tests such as X-rays or MRIs to find out whether you are really suffering from a torn meniscus. A proper treatment will be recommended.

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