Purchasing an Ex-spouse Charter Yacht

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There are deals to be had, particularly at the end of the yacht charter season. There are challenges to be aware of also. Most of Greek yachts provided with brokers are former charter private yachts, known as Greek specialist private yachts. Some people shy away from them, believing it equivalent to acquiring a used lorry from an auto hire company. Not all charter luxury yachts are ill-used or poorly kept. A whole lot of the specialist private yachts in Greece are hard by individuals rather than yacht charter firms. The owners charter them out in order to take advantage of VAT and various other tax obligation advantages. Commonly the proprietor will charter for the minimal number of days required to maintain expert status and cover the annual mooring and maintenance costs of the yacht.

If you are prepared to hang around taking a look around you will certainly find a big distinction in the appearance of luxury yachts of the same age, with some looking ‘exhausted’ from heavy use while others appear years more youthful.

Yacht Crew Tax

The Study

Having found a yacht you wish to purchase you should have it surveyed by an expert land surveyor. It is not unidentified for a charter yacht to experience major hull damage, be repaired by a deceitful proprietor, and afterwards used for resale.

Buyer Beware must absolutely be your motto.

A survey will certainly not only safeguard you from buying a boat with technical problems yet it is also required by most insurers. You will pay 500 – 1500 Euro for a survey.

Greek Flag

99% of Greek specialist luxury yachts are Greek-flagged uk seafarers tax. If the watercraft is flagged in one more country then the policies of that country will use and you need suggestions from a qualified broker. If you are not a Greek resident or an E.U. citizen resident in Greece you will certainly require to change flag if the watercraft is intended for private use. You can maintain Greek flag if you have a yacht charter company in Greece.

We were as soon as encouraged never to pay a Greek the cost he asks for anything, as he will always anticipate you to bargain. This is definitely true when it comes to boats. You ought to be able to discuss down from the preliminary asking rate. An excellent study might provide you ammo for this, as few utilized boats will be without any type of problems. The land surveyor needs to be able to advise you what the ‘going price’ is for the kind of yacht you are interested in. Some brokers in Greece do not work with a taken care of payment basis. They will concur a price with the proprietor that he/she will approve. They then try to acquire as high a rate as possible from the purchaser. Their commission is the distinction. The additional they include in the ‘owner’s rate’ can be fairly significant and leaves plenty of range for settlement.

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